Weddings and Banquets Ballrooms


Hurrem Sultan Ballroom :

At Hurrem Sultan Ballroom, in which the wall, curtains, carpet, ceiling and wall lightings designed with decorative figures, your special organisations like wedding, engagement, etc. will gain different meanings. Hürrem Sultan Ballroom has a service capacity of 700 pax in the style of round table, and 900 pax in mixed style.


Saray Restaurant :

Saray Restaurant, which has the service capacity of 200 pax in round table style, 300 pax in mixed style, has area of 392 in squaremeters and height of 3 meters. It signs under marvellious organisations through its warm atmosphere, which is decorated with the most special colors ad figures of palace architecture.


Wine House :

The most important feature of Wine House is its showcased doors which are opening to the garden.
It has the service capacity of 110 pax in round table style and 150 pax in mixed order style.

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